New Media Agreement Sag

SAG-AFTRA (“Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists”) is a trade union Representing more than 160,000 film and television artists, radio actors, video games, advertisers (on radio and television), news anchors, singers and recording artists (both royalty artists and background singers), performers in commercials and actors working as stuntmen and specialized acts. Its objective is to protect the interests of its members and to improve wages, hours and working conditions. To this end, SAG-AFTRA has developed a number of contractual agreements that apply when one of its members calls active production. Therefore, if you want to include a SAG-AFTRA member in your production, you must be a “signatory” to the corresponding SAG-AFTRA agreement and approve its terms. To be clear, SAG-AFTRA members can only work for you if you have signed the corresponding SAG-AFTRA agreement. Unfortunately, most new media producers are unaware that SAG-AFTRA covers all media, including small online budget productions. This article provides a quick overview of the New Media Agreement, including if you need it, and what it asks of you as a producer. The remains are due to be used in new media only if an original, made for the final total cost of the new media program, is $25,000 or more per minute and is exposed on a consumer payment platform beyond 26 weeks. You can broadcast your new media production after the first new press release without the prior consent of your interpreters or by upgrading compensation beyond new media; However, leftovers are paid for the use of Made for New Media productions in traditional media on the basis of the corresponding DEA, AFTRA or SAG-AFTRA contract formulas. THE SAG-AFTRA New Media Agreement, which covers drama (scripted) and non-drama (non-scripted) entertainment productions, is scheduled for the first internet exposure, mobile devices or any other new media platform (now known or designed below).

The New Media Agreement is generally considered the SAG-AFTRA response to online content and generally includes small productions, including content such as webisodes, reality TV and movies that were originally published online. Unlike other signatories, the New Media Agreement does not require minimum compensation. Initial compensation is fully tradable under the SAG-AFTRA New Media agreement for productions that do not meet the high budget threshold. While there are no minimum requirements under the agreement, keep in mind that local, state and federal minimum wage laws continue to apply. The payment is due to the exporter no later than five working days after the working time. The SAG and Health Or AFTRA Health and Pension Contributions are due on the negotiated severing pay of 17%. Bob Zeglarski is at 615-933-3545 or Cutwater Law provides legal services to the creative industries. Clients include small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as entrepreneurs in media, television, film, music, publishing and digital media. Subject to certain guidelines, you can hire both SAG-AFTRA and non-union actors. The guidelines are as follows: all the main players and the top ten background artists must be covered by a SAG-AFTRA contract per day.