On Call Services Agreement

For some services, the tasks may have to be quite broad. For example, when contracting for construction inspections, a full contract may be required to provide services for the duration of several construction projects. The wide range of tasks contributes to the provision of inspectors for certain projects. It also contributes to the efficient and efficient use of consultant staff by providing the flexibility to transfer them to the most active projects. 7. Closing accounts: If the customer wishes to terminate this contract at any time during the trial period, an authorized representative may do so by providing the form on the following link, no later than 11:59 a.m. U.S. Eastern Time on www.oncallcentral.com/legal/cancel end of the trial period and 28 days` notice applies after the end of the trial period. The customer accepts that this is the only method of closing an account. Transaction orders define the scope, cost and timing of a given project according to the terms of a basic contract. A single contract can be written for both products and services if certain criteria are met. 4. Fee and fee: The customer receives a 14-day trial version of the On Call Central service.

The trial begins or is located before the indicated start and ends 14 days later. At the end of the review, the central child care rate is the rate indicated in the customer`s order of service. If the customer wants to increase the number of providers in the account, additional providers can be added to the price indicated in the original service order. The fee is billed automatically to the account or credit card account. The charges are listed in your statement as “Acumantra Solutions, Inc.” or “On Call Central.” The upfront fee for this account is charged at the end of the trial phase and then at 28-day intervals. The above prices can be changed by Acumantra after 28 days before the customer`s notification. It goes without saying that the CM should always turn to the functional unit that receives the services of consultants in order to determine the appropriate level of PSP definitions to be used in the contractual and task areas. 19. Full agreement: this agreement constitutes the whole agreement between the parties to this agreement and replaces all negotiations, representations, pre-discussions or front-line agreements between the parties. 17.

Amendments: We may review this standard service contract from time to time and we will notify you at any time of any substantial changes to the contract. If a review usefully reduces your rights, we will notify you (z.B. by sending a message to the email address associated with your account). By continuing to use or access services after the revisions come into effect, you accept the revised standard service agreement. 2. TA Service Period: The TA services that will be provided under this Agreement will begin on the specified launch date, provided Acumantra has received a signed service order on or before that date. Acumantra disclaims any responsibility or responsibility for the start or continuation of the service, unless the signed copy of the order of service is claimed. This agreement is concluded by written notice. B. If Level 1 negotiations are not concluded, the parties are required to conduct a non-binding mediation, which must take place at sixty (60) days after the completion of the 30-day negotiation period.

Mediation takes place in Lexington, Kentucky.