Pgsa Agreement

The public sector Geospatial Agreement (PSGA) allows public bodies to access, use and share our ever-changing location data under the terms of these agreements. Every week (or every other week, depending on the schedule) usually on Fridays, we meet at Disque Hall to listen to a lecture on a topic of interest from one of our members. People volunteer to lecture on things they find personally interesting, with the agreement of the rest of the organization. Of course, a free lunch is provided, so there is no reason not to stop! In the interest of full disclosure, in order to encourage people to lecture on a wide range of topics in a free atmosphere, we advise edgy of visiting faculties at these sessions. Of course, we are generally prepared to waive this rule if circumstances warrant it. During quarantine Covid, we adapted to virtual zoom lunches where we still listen to lectures, but we don`t gather for lunch for security reasons. 45. The SG generally uses marketing and evaluation services that are the subject of a tender offer. SG has access to a number of framework agreements from which services can be obtained, including general valuation, real estate agency, auction, planning consulting and real estate services.

If a special tender is required, the Property Division can advise on the specifications, assist in drafting a shortlist, contact the Scottish Procurement and Commercial Directorate and assist in interviews and bid analysis. 16. As a general rule, advice should be sought in order to exploit the development potential and make the most of it. In cases where the building permit is not requested, the need for a planned gain-sharing agreement (GSP) or an over-service clause must be taken into account in the sales contract and the advice of the specialist advisor must be formally recorded. The PGSA or overage clause should be highlighted in the marketing strategy. (For more information, see below) The minimum resource agreement (which applies to research graduates) was reviewed in 2017 and is now available on this link For more information on the new agreement and registration details, click here.