Agreement On The Establishment Of The Aha Centre

The legal basis for the creation of the AHA Centre is the ASEAN Convention on Disaster Management and Emergency Measures (AADMER), signed by ASEAN foreign ministers on 26 July 2005 in Vientiane (PDR) and entered into force on 24 December 2009. AADMER is a proactive regional framework for cooperation, coordination, technical assistance and resource mobilization in all aspects of disaster management. Article 20 of AADMER sets out the objective of setting up the AHA centre. The AADMER work programme for 2016-2020 continues to place the AHA Centre at the heart of AADMER`s implementation, particularly for priority programme 1: Aware, Priority Programme 5: Respond as One, Priority Programme 6: Team, Priority Programme 7: Recovery and Priority Programme 8: Lead. ASEAN`s 2025 Disaster Management Vision, adopted by ASEAN Disaster Management Ministers in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, in December 2015, provides the general direction and policy direction for the implementation of AADMER over the next ten years. The vision document also outlines the expectations of ASEAN Member States for the AHA centre over the next ten years. In particular, it stresses that the AHA centre could play a greater role in facilitating capacity building to bring ASEAN Member States to a regionally and globally recognized standard, and that the AHA Centre will serve as a platform for the exchange and retention of information collected and best practices. The vision document also highlights the potential role of the AHA Centre as coordinator of regional centres of excellence for training and management. In order to reduce disaster damage and improve ASEAN`s common response to disasters, ASEAN member states have developed the ASEAN Convention on Disaster Management and Emergency Measures (AADMER).

As part of AADMER, the ASEAN Humanitarian Assistance Coordination Centre for Disaster Management (AHA) was established to facilitate cooperation and coordination between ASEAN member states, as well as with relevant UN agencies and international organisations in promoting regional cooperation. Guided by AADMER and the agreement on the establishment of the AHA centre, Taking into account ASEAN`s 2025 vision on disaster management, the AADMER 2016-2020 work programme and the ASEAN declaration on ASEAN, the AHA Centre will continue to facilitate and coordinate ASEAN`s efforts to reduce disaster damage and respond to disasters through regional cooperation. , national leadership and the global disaster management partnership.