Articulation Agreement Uc Merced

Ruben Lubers Interim SEndedirektor 209-386-3740 UC Merced needs a minimum college GPA of 2.0 – that`s on a scale of 4.33 points. GRADUATION POLICIES, REQUIREMENTS, FAQS AND MORE… To have a shot on the transmission in UC Merced, you need to have a current AMP of at least 3.59 – ideally you will be GPA at 3.73. In addition, you must submit standardized test results. The tables below show the PART and ACT breakdown of UC Merced students. Let`s finish everything we`ve learned. If you have any questions about transmission, visit the UC Merced website for more information. UC Merced accepts 53.48% of transfer applicants, which is competitive. Maybe you have a bad experience in your first school – don`t worry, this is more common than you think. In charge of the kesha Miller joint 949-824-9412 UC Merced accepts 54 of the 100 transfer applicants. UC Merced has read the additional guidelines: at least 2.8 MPAs required for non-governmental candidates.

Christa ClarkSenior Associate Director, Articulation – ASSIST UC Merced needs a number of completed documents for the exam. The table below summarizes the most important information: Undocumented Student Services and special population Dawn Hovey Articulation Officer 805-893-3139 These are the questions that numbers and data cannot answer, but CampusReel can answer. Sam Zia Joint Manager 858-822-3423 Kim Alexander Articulation Officer 310-963-4038 Many universities accept transfer applications during each semester. For this reason, we interrupt the UC Merced transfer period until fall, winter, spring and summer. If you applied for the transfer to UC Merced on or before the notified deadlines, you must have your decision date up to the filing dates in the table below. Karla Contreras Articulation Officer 951-827-5957 In fact, take a full 2-day break from contemplating everything related to your application and then come back looking for errors. I bet you`ll find some 😉 RESOURCES, CLUBS, ORGANIZATIONS – PROGRAMS, ACTIVITY, AND MORE. This is the complete guide to transmission to UC Merced. We recommend you read to the end – you can also use the next machine to estimate your probability of being transferred to UC Merced. Success at UC Merced depends on feeling comfortable – will you be able to find a place to find and grow at home? UC Merced costs on average $N/A. The following providers offer all private student loans for UC Merced students to cover the costs of…

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