Sc Code Of Laws Lease Agreement

(A) Unless the tenant has not complied with the rental agreement, with the exception of non-payment of rent or non-compliance with Section 27-40-510, which seriously impairs the health and safety or physical condition of the property, or section 27-40-540, the lessor may provide the tenant with a written notice indicating the acts and omissions constituting the offence , and the lease with a date of fourteen days at the latest after receiving the notification, if the infringement is not corrected in fourteen days. The lease ends as stipulated in the notice of market, with the exception of: in accordance with the applicable law in a renter-tenant report, a landlord should warn of these conditions on the land of which he has superior knowledge. Therefore, if a landlord receives information that a tenant has a confirmed case of COVID-19 or that he or she has symptoms consistent with the virus, a landlord may consider issuing such a notice in public areas frequented by tenants. Owners, however, must remain aware of privacy. The landlord must not disclose the identity of a tenant known or considered infected, unless that tenant expressly authorizes it. Under these conditions, written permission from the tenant is preferable. It remains the tenant`s duty to maintain the leased portion of the property he uses in a reasonably safe and reasonably clean condition. These include the half-clean and safe disposal of all waste and other waste. COVID-19 presents situations that are not represented by all those that most of us face. As a result, there are no fixed rules for responding to the virus without a government mandate. However, a word of caution – owners should exercise caution when deciding to assume a responsibility that is not described in the lease or in the law. Under the common law, there is no obligation to act.

However, when an act is done voluntarily, the necessary diligence is taken care of. If the tenant violates the tenancy conditions or refrains from maintaining it, the lessor can recover the actual damage and, if necessary, obtain other legal protection. The landlord may also claim legal fees if the breach of the tenancy agreement by the tenant is intentional or if the non-payment of the rent is made with bad intent. S.C code Ann. No. 27-40-310 provides, in a relevant part, a lease agreement that is not prohibited by law or other legal provisions. Therefore, the conditions on which the parties agree apply when they are not in conflict with the law or any other law.