Telstra Ea Agreement

The EBA was approved in December 2019 with 65% of Telstra`s employees. The Fair Work Commission approved the agreement last week and begins its work today until its nominal expiration in September 2021. This delay is due to the fair work commission`s finding that the proposed contract may not be consistent with the Better Off Overall Test (BOOT) under the Fair Work Act. These include the fact that the minimum wage rates set in the agreement were too low in relation to the Telstra price. Discussions continued this week with the Single Trade Union Bargaining Unit (SBU) and Telstra to continue negotiations for a new agreement. Article 45 The interaction between the transition to a subsidiary and the redistribution under Article 49 Currently, Teltra EA provides that if your position is dismissed, you enter the “placement period” and that redeployment opportunities will be explored during this period with the employee concerned. In considering how this would work in practice, we tried, in introducing the proposed paragraph 45, to have any offer of transfer to a subsidiary made after the employee had read more. It`s time to vote After more than 500 days of negotiations, it`s time to vote on the proposed new Teltra Enterprise Agreement. CEPU members will be well aware that negotiations on this new enterprise agreement have not been easy.

With one of Australia`s biggest work cleanups in history as the backdrop to the negotiations, Telstra`s management is every step of the way on the heels. Thanks to the unity of the members who met at the beginning of the year as part of a coordinated union campaign, as well as the tenacity of the Single Bargaining Unit (SBU), which represented joint discussions with the Trade Union Bargaining Unit (SBU) and this week`s Telstra meeting to continue negotiations, the SB5 became, as in the last meetings , the case. , this fixation of the discussions again dominated by Telstra – the company shows once again clearly that it will not reach an agreement in one way or another without a paragraph 45. As you will recall, we reported last week a positive measure that would maintain the severance pay of members in the event of a transfer to a subsidiary. It seemed that the intentions of both sides aligned compared to this last week, but read more The processing times of the World Cup can be long and unfortunately there is not much we can do to influence that. The FWC can only accept an agreement if it meets a number of criteria. For example, that the agreement passes the overall test (BOOT) better in relation to the price, that it has actually been agreed by the workers and that it does not exclude, to name but a few, the national provisions on labour standards.